Evansville Purple Aces Q&A w/Randy Beard

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Re: Evansville Purple Aces Q&A w/Randy Beard

Postby WuDrWu » December 29th, 2010, 7:57 am

ACECARD wrote:Beating WSU by 15 at home, and 5 on the road wouldn't get them anywhere near the top 15. Probably wouldn't get them in the top 50. And let's see what a great fan you are, when your team plays on Thursday for 10 straight years.

1)You sure it wouldn't?

2)My team actually has come pretty close to that before.....I was still a great fan and so were most of the rest of Shocker Nation. Sure, there are some fair weathered fans, everyone has them, but we're fine, thanks for asking.

3)And if that actually happened today, I can promise you there would be a bloodletting the likes of which would make your grandchildren cry. We wouldn't accept it without a fight...it is embarrassing to see a program like UNI lead this conference.

3)That's life as a Division 1 program that has higher aspirations than being competitive for the 7th place and happy to cash your share of what the best teams in the conference can bring home. Programs like WSU that have fans that pony up deserve to have some successes.
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Re: Evansville Purple Aces Q&A w/Randy Beard



Re: Evansville Purple Aces Q&A w/Randy Beard

Postby unipanther99 » December 29th, 2010, 11:54 am

I moved the side discussion about UNI it's own topic. Continue on with the discussion about Randy Beard's breakdown of the Aces season so far.

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