If we go to 12 who do you want (choose 2) poll?

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Murray State
Oral Roberts
Northern Kentucky
North Dakota State
South Dakota State
South Dakota
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Re: If we go to 12 who do you want (choose 2) poll?

Postby jacksfan29 » January 6th, 2018, 10:18 am

I will only comment because SDSU was mentioned. You pump up GCU on a lot of forums,
what exactly have they done to get you excited? They draw well, have a famous coach and have a lot of money. That said, this was to be their "break out" year. They are still sitting 200 + RPI (220) with a SOS over 300. Add in their for profit status and they are not getting an invite into the MVC. To get past the non-profit, they would need to be Gonzagaish. They aren't, they will not be anytime soon. If you want a western BB program that will help the MVC improve and possibly become a 2 bid league, you invite NMSU, not GCU.

The MVC, if the go to 12 will take Murray and either UWM or Belmont. I do not see SDSU moving alone, there really isn't a huge upside for us to go. DU won't add sports, it is about hockey. In addition, if it is about good BB, DU is not your choice (see Hockey #1).

Oakland and NKU, not likely. They are both very happy in the Horizon (see SDSU). SEMO has FB and if the MVC takes Murray, they are not getting an invite into the MVFC with Murray.

The MVC will take one FB school (Murray) and one non-FB school (UWM or Belmont).

Jsnhbe1Birds wrote:
RacerJoeD wrote:"For Profit" education is a political football. I wouldn't want to attach myself to that.

Conferences like the MVC which are on the verge of being top 8 annual cant let that bother them. you want to be a multiple bid league you do what's best. I want Murray State but GCU is best option basketball wise. It would be great to get NKU with Murray and GCU with NMSU to go to 14. Best of both world. Elgin would never go for it. They need to oust him before they go any further into this process. He's stuck in the heydays and has no vision and doesn't known how to navigate through the changing landscape.
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Re: If we go to 12 who do you want (choose 2) poll?



Re: If we go to 12 who do you want (choose 2) poll?

Postby VUGrad1314 » January 7th, 2018, 1:54 am

Please not Milwaukee. I want them less than Oakland and I don't think Oakland is a good fit either as they are:

1. Similar to Belmont but far less successful
2. About as far east as NKU but offer less potential
And 3. Really far from St Louis (over 8 hours away or about 3 hours further away than anyone else in the MVC)
PLUS they'd have to give up the de facto home court advantage during their conference tournament that they currently enjoy (not that it's served them well)

That's how bad an addition I think Milwaukee is. I don't even think Milwaukee draws more than 1000-1500 per game. The only way I take them is as part of a 14 team model where Murray State Belmont and NKU all say yes.

I believe that NKU is happy in the Horizon League a league they can dominate but I also believe that they are likely horrified by the league's precipitous decline so soon after they joined. They are likely still in the youthful ambitious phase of building their brand and new program and could be convinced to join the MVC. A program like NKU deserves a league full of institutions as committed to athletic excellence as the MVC is. I don't think the Horizon League is the right league for them. It feels as though they are quickly outgrowing it already.
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