Bradley vs. Robert Morris Chicago Exhibition

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Re: Bradley vs. Robert Morris Chicago Exhibition

Postby Old School MVC » November 7th, 2017, 8:30 pm

BradleyFan71 wrote:The talent level was good enough to finish tied with Missouri State for 6th place last season. The three guys that left played a total of 218 minutes last season, so everyone of any value is returning.

I have no idea how the conference will play out this season. It's completely up for grabs as far as I'm concerned.

This is a very valid point! If I recall, Bradley also won easily over MSU in Peoria. I do agree with Redbirdgrad when he says Bradley will not be in the top 3 (I put them 7), but understand the Brave nation's point of show us the love "we tied with MSU last year" talk. Most everyone says the Bears have the most talent in the Valley, but yet they were only 6th last year. I know we all like to blame it on Lusk, but I doubt he has become Coach K over this past summer, so why do we all place them top 2 (me included)? The conference is seriously up for grabs this year, and we all need to hope that the entire Valley has a great OOC season. That killed our conference ranking last year. I can not remember the exact data, but I think we lost something like 25 or more 1 possession games in the OOC as a conference. That can not happen this year if we have ANY dream of being a 2 bid conference!!!
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