2018 MVC - Week 2

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Re: 2018 MVC - Week 2

Postby BirdsEyeView » January 8th, 2018, 9:52 am

BCPanther wrote:I'm here, lol.

We're a Thursday team. The last two years you could point to a reason for the slow starts, this year there's nothing other than not being very good and insisting on Klint Carlson playing 35 minutes every night.

There will come a point where we rip off 4 or 5 in a row and it looks like we've got it figured out but it's a mirage this time. Oh and we'll make sure to beat most of the top of the league at least once because of course we will. I feel like we end up 7th. Good news is with the OOC we won't be an RPI boat anchor for anybody, should still be in the top 150.

Finally coming around to my thinking from our preseason arguments. This was not 2013-2014 with a crop of good returnees. Koch and Carlson are inconsistent and your guard play isn't good enough. Glad you guys performed well in noncon, maybe Jacobson can still turn it around, but everyone who voted preseason for them to win the league or finish 2nd/3rd because of a coach made no sense. Coaches can't suit up.
Similarly, Coach K could never win the ACC with a bunch of 2/3 star recruits.

Where has uniftw been? Maybe he is changing his screen name to uniftl...
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Re: 2018 MVC - Week 2



Re: 2018 MVC - Week 2

Postby Redhawk » January 8th, 2018, 10:00 am

BirdsEyeView wrote:
Where has uniftw been? Maybe he is changing his screen name to uniftl...

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Re: 2018 MVC - Week 2

Postby BCPanther » January 8th, 2018, 10:33 am

Cdizzle wrote:#bestCoach

On the bench, I am 100% certain that is still the case. Look at some of the wins he's had this year with the talent he's got. The problem is that the talent level is on him and he's got to get to the point where not everybody is a 5 year project from small town Iowa. Realistically, he's got two players on the roster that other teams realistically wanted and made an effort to get. Pickford and Phyfe, that't it.

Look at the offers of everybody else--
Phyfe-Air Force, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Iowa Football
Pickford-Nebraska, Iowa State, Loyola, Michigan State Preferred Walk On.

Carlson-Idaho State, Omaha
Koch-No other DI offers, committed as a sophomore
McCloud-3*, Drake, Milwaukee, Green Bay
Wyatt Lohaus-Heart condition scared others off. Preferred Walk on at Iowa State
Isaiah Brown-UT-San Antonio
Haldeman--South Dakota, Northern Colorado
Friedman-Drake, Weber State
McDonnell-3*, Drake, Iowa and Wisconsin Preferred Walk On--Huge Bust at this point
Justin Dahl-Brown, Illinois State, Omaha
Adam McDermott-Transfer from North Dakota-Only DI offer out of HS
Tanner Lohaus-No DI offers, baseball recruit

Just because we hit on a few small town Iowa kids, doesn't mean that's all we should recruit. The class off of the Top 10 Tuttle team (McCloud, McDonnell, Haldeman, Dahl) is an absolute bust at this point.
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Re: 2018 MVC - Week 2

Postby chitown fanatic » January 8th, 2018, 11:04 am

its the strangest year in the valley Ive ever seen. Winning on the road seems impossible for my Braves who got taken to the woodshed or the buffet by Marty Saturday. Wardle has found no answer once teams have keyed on Brown as our guards aren't good enough to compete with any physicality. jayden Hodgson has completely vanished this year and without a good spring where we get two athletic wings/ and or combo guards(see every other valley team too), we're not going to get out of the abyss weve been in for 8 years and counting.....not starting Childs over Bar right now is one of Wardle's biggest mistakes as he has the potential to be a beast in this league and gives us more than Bar does, even as a freshman. Big game with Barry tomorrow night positioning wise.....
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Re: 2018 MVC - Week 2

Postby MissouriValleyUnite » January 8th, 2018, 5:13 pm

BirdsEyeView wrote:Where has uniftw been? Maybe he is changing his screen name to uniftl...

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