Rivalries in the MVC

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Re: Rivalries in the MVC

Postby Dansen » January 19th, 2018, 12:12 pm

I could see Loyola and Valpo developing something. Close schools, both Christian, and at least to start it off Loyola is sending a couple buses to Valpo for the game Sunday full of students. A little back and forth on twitter between their fan section/AD and ours.
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Re: Rivalries in the MVC



Re: Rivalries in the MVC

Postby VUGrad1314 » January 21st, 2018, 2:29 am

Dansen wrote:I could see Loyola and Valpo developing something. Close schools, both Christian, and at least to start it off Loyola is sending a couple buses to Valpo for the game Sunday full of students. A little back and forth on twitter between their fan section/AD and ours.

Seconded. Our previous conference ties dating back to when both schools were in the Horizon League help with that as well. The high volume of recent games breeds familiarity among the fanbases that could make a rivalry possible. We also both have strong academic reputations; and are the two newest members of the MVC both eager to prove ourselves to our new conference mates. When both teams are competitive and\or it's a TV game, this rivalry could burn white-hot.

Other candidates include (in order of likelihood):

Drake. Similar schools with strong academics, have ties stretching back awhile from our common membership in the Pioneer Football League.

Indiana State and Evansville. Both teams are among the most common opponents in Valpo's history. We also have previous conference ties and many alums of both schools live in the area. In fact, I work with multiple ISUb and UE alums. Being in the same state and vying for the same recruits also makes for fertile ground for a rivalry. Evansville's status as a private liberal arts school like Valpo could help as well.

Bradley (especially while Wardle remains coach) Wardle is not well-liked by most VU fans stemming from his days at Green Bay. We also recruit Illinois very heavily for students and athletes alike. Bradley being a fellow private school may also help. Older VU fans also remember a series of testy, contentious and hotly contested games between the two schools back in the late 70's and early 80's.

UNI\ Missouri State (especially Missouri State ) Previous conference ties similar basketball profile and tournament lore (especially in the case of UNI although I acknowledge that UNI's is superior). In the case of Missouri State, we have played several big games recently that our students and players really got up for. Maybe something can develop out of that familiarity. I also believe that Missouri State has a transfer coming in(Grant Gelon) from Crown Point, Indiana a town about 30-45 minutes from Valparaiso. I'm not sure how interested Valpo was when Gelon transferred but his status as a local kid should add some intrigue to the matchups between the schools over the next few years.

Illinois State: Very little recent history between the schools, but recruiting battles (Peters Bruninga) and Valpo's pursuit of greater branding, influence and name recognition throughout the midwest, including Illinois, could bring about a rivalry.
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Re: Rivalries in the MVC

Postby TSmithBJJ » January 31st, 2018, 5:16 pm

I remember back in the 2000s, WSU and SIU had a pretty heated rivalry at times.
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Re: Rivalries in the MVC

Postby mvcfan31 » January 31st, 2018, 7:31 pm

I remember the SIU v UE games from the early 2000’s...growing up I HATED siu. They would bring a few thousand to watch at Roberts Stadium. Also remember making the trip to Carbondale a few times and getting throttled by 30+ a bunch. Not much of a rivalry, but geeze I hated them.
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Re: Rivalries in the MVC

Postby da_bears » January 31st, 2018, 7:39 pm

we have zero rivalries in the MVC anymore. 10 years ago I was against going I-A in football because I didn't want to lose our rivalries with Creighton, Wichita, and SIU.... Now I wish we had just made the jump, we'd probably have built some rivaliries in Sunbelt or CUSA by now.
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Re: Rivalries in the MVC

Postby oklahomacrusader » February 1st, 2018, 8:07 am

We used to have good battles in the Horizon League. Right now, Loyola is several years ahead of Valpo. We are not competitive enough to be a rival. However, we had your number in the Horizon. Different times, different teams, different coaches, different leagues.....Catholics vs. Lutherans.

Blers wrote:I've actually had internal debates on this in regards to Loyola since we're still so new.

I've always found that our match ups with Indiana State yield fun results... There was the Arch Madness beat down after Loyola was swept in the regular season, a really fun double OT game in Gentile a few seasons back, and then this years game was a nail biter as well where Indiana State came out on top. We also frequently have good close games with UNI and I think we've split the series since joining the valley. But I don't really think that really makes them rivalries yet.

Illinois State I could certainly see becoming something. It's hard for me to point to their fans showing up as a reason though, we frequently have decent pretty good away crowds, especially on weekends with schools in state. A big part of that comes from being in the city where there's large alumni bases and the ability to make the game part of a larger trip.

We haven't played Valpo yet, but that may make for a natural rival as the other new school, not to mention one that's pretty close.
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