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Postby uniftw » February 2nd, 2014, 10:14 pm

So I can't even post on the site from my phone anymore.....

I type, which is hard as hell because the desktop site isn't formatted for mobile devices and the text box disappears when typing so you can't see any typos, and when I go to push "submit" it highlights the box like I clicked it but then nothing....absolutely nothing.

Over a year and a half since the first post and not a single real answer given?
3.5 years since the site started and nothing.

Couple this with the lack of ability to quote more than 3 posts into each other (which is fine, but any other board that puts a limit on the number of quotes that can be embedded automatically clips them which avoids the crappy quoting that happens here on 98% of attempted quotes) and the broken image linking and it'd lead me to believe the admins put the site up and haven't touched it.
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