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Postby uniftw » February 13th, 2013, 11:42 pm

agrinut wrote:
uniftw wrote:
agrinut wrote:I have dealt with President Ruud when in Philadelphia for an extending Education Conference. Seemed like a very knowledgeable academic, his hire should excite the faculty. I don't think he will cut athletic spending but i wouldn't look for him to make a big splash on that front either.

Most likely outcome, and I'd bet our FBS "dreams" died with his hire, barring some major shift in division alignment (which some see happening)

The other finalist was a huge proponent of athletics and very well may have wanted to "lead a charge" for UNI to explore the move seriously, and maybe take it.

We'll never know. I hope Ruud does great things for UNI.

From President Koob to President Ruud is just a couple steps.

I think he is a great hire for the university, time will tell on the subsections of athletics.
Short term I hope he gets the faculty to back off of the attempt to censure the university....yeah, we have a hearing set for the summer to see if we will be censured because the faculty didn't like the way that the laboratory school was closed. They talk about how much they love the university, but do s*** like that. Really?

If he can calm the faculty down, and get the to realize they are important and so is athletics and try to bridge the gap between them he will be a great president.
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