Athletic Finances

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Athletic Finances

Postby unipanther99 » August 26th, 2013, 10:51 am

I just saw this report today, linked from a story about the Big East. ... /finances/

Interesting that you can sort by % of budget that comes from subsidy:

Indiana State: 73.45%
Illinois State: 69.84%
Southern Illinois: 65.93%
Northern Iowa: 48.84%
Missouri State: 37.14%
Wichita State: 30.76%

Our conference compares better than what I had thought.

Notables outside the conference:

Cleveland State: 82.93% (and they don't even have football!)
U Mass: 81.90%
VCU: 75.51%
Northern Illinois: 72.37%
Ohio: 72.10%
Air Force: 61.82%
UNLV: 55.43%
Colorado State: 48.44%
Rutgers: 43.72% (obviously this will change)
New Mexico: 41.78%
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Athletic Finances



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